Cost Sharing Agreement Ifrs

Cost Sharing Agreement: Understanding IFRS Compliance

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a globally recognised set of accounting standards that guides financial reporting and is used by businesses in various countries. One of the critical areas that IFRS covers is the Cost Sharing Agreement (CSA).

A Cost Sharing Agreement is an agreement between two or more parties to share the costs of developing, producing, or obtaining intangible assets such as intellectual property. These assets may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other forms of intellectual property that have value and can be used to generate income.

Cost Sharing Agreements are a common practice among companies that operate in the technology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, where research and development are critical components of their business model. The sharing of costs in such ventures helps to reduce the financial burden on individual companies and pools resources for maximum efficiency.

IFRS Compliance for Cost Sharing Agreements

IFRS outlines the proper accounting treatment for Cost Sharing Agreements to ensure compliance with international accounting standards. This involves identifying and recording the costs associated with the development of the intangible assets shared under the agreement.

The accounting treatment of a Cost Sharing Agreement under IFRS includes recognising the costs of developing intangible assets as an expense in the income statement. However, these expenses can only be capitalised if specific conditions are met, such as demonstrating the economic benefits of the asset and reliably estimating the asset`s future economic benefits.

IFRS also requires disclosure of the Cost Sharing Agreement in the financial statements, including the names of the parties involved, the assets developed, and the costs incurred. This disclosure is necessary to provide transparency and ensure that stakeholders have access to relevant information about the company`s operations.


In conclusion, Cost Sharing Agreements are essential for businesses that operate in industries where research and development are critical components of their business model. Adherence to IFRS is important in maintaining compliance with international accounting standards when accounting for the costs associated with such agreements.

Proper accounting treatment and disclosure of a Cost Sharing Agreement in the financial statements are necessary to provide transparency to stakeholders and ensure that companies are operating in line with international accounting standards. As such, it is crucial for companies to seek the counsel of experienced professionals to ensure that they are in compliance with IFRS.